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Sixth Sense Domains are domain name assets in emerging sectors (those where significant intuition must be employed to imagine the uses, and capture the branding, of new technology).

Sixth Sense considers what may be possible years from now, and then applies legal and business acumen to create intellectual property with the greatest business potential.

You will find an outstanding selection of Sixth Sense premium keyword and brandable domain names, with a significant concentration in: 

  • bitcoin domain names; 
  • digital currency domain names; 
  • cryptocurrency domain names; 
  • blockchain domain names; and 
  • software and coding domain names. 

Each Sixth Sense Domain is a .COM, with not a single offering in any less valuable top-level domain (TLD). Further, each is in pristine condition, with the supermajority never having been developed for any purpose (including, of course, devaluing activities like link-farming and spamming). 

That means, when you buy a Sixth Sense Domain, you will control its content, search history, and associations, top-to-bottom, as you deliver your successful product or service. 

Sixth Sense Domains was founded by Mark Richardson VI, an attorney with 20 years’ experience in trademarks, start-up ventures, corporate law, and domain name transactions. 

Mark Richardson VI attended a top-five U.S. law school, and has represented clients including:  an intellectual property owner who sold a domain name for One Million Dollars (USD 1,000,000); and an industry-expert domainer with a portfolio of more than One Thousand Five Hundred (1,500) names. 

Mark is familiar with all aspects of domain name transactions, and is known for his integrity and thoughtfulness. He applies a Sixth Sense for Law and Business® to all of his deals. There is nowhere better than Sixth Sense Domains to acquire your most important asset for building a business and establishing a brand!